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What is the CRUSE® app?

CRUSE® stands for ChRonic Urticaria Self Evaluation

The CRUSE® advantage for patients and physicians

  • CRUSE® enables patients to fill out their Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROMs) daily on their smart device
  • CRUSE® reminds patients daily to monitor their quality of life through push notification
  • CRUSE® allows patients to send a report of their PROM scores to their treating physician via Email, QR, WhatsApp or other communication paths
  • CRUSE® promotes continued monitoring and documentation of CSU disease activity, impact and control that is needed for patients to receive optimal treatment

The CRUSE® app contributes to the understanding of Urticaria through data collection (all anonymized)

  • Giving us a true understanding on how patients live
  • Seeing the patients’ experience on how different medication affects their quality of life
  • Allowing insight on how treatment can be improved
  • Enabling studies and projects to be initiated with an established data collection platform

Where is the CRUSE® app available?

  • At this point, CRUSE is available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. We are soon launching in Spain, Portugal, France and Türkiye. The worldwide English version (without nationally available medication list) has been launched as well.

Who is behind the CRUSE® app?

  • The app was developed by UCARE (Urticaria Center of Reference and Excellence) in cooperation with the team of the Institute for Allergy Research of the Berlin Charité under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Marcus Maurer (Professor of Dermatology and Allergology), Sophia Neisinger (Assistant Doctor of Dermatology and Allergology), Anja Lingnau (PROM Coordinator Charité) and Reinhardt Britz (GA²LEN UCARE and ACARE Program Manager).

Still have questions?

  • Go to the CRUSE® app website
  • Get in touch with the CRUSE team via email

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for supporting the CRUSE® app

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