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The UCARE programme is an initiative by GA²LEN for increasing the knowledge of urticaria by research, advocating for awareness and accrediting an interactive network of centers of reference and excellence in urticaria.

141 certified centers worldwide
13 applicant centers worldwide
43 countries
in 6 regions

Who We Are

The UCARE program is an initiative by GA²LEN, the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network, with the aim of developing and accrediting an interactive network of centers of reference and excellence in urticaria. Urticaria is a common, debilitating and often hard to treat condition that can be a challenge for both patients and treating physicians, especially when chronic. Since its inception in 2016, the UCARE network has grown to over 130 member centers in more than 40 countries. Today it is the biggest and most active consortium of urticariologists and urticaria centers with the largest global reach to patients affected by urticaria and its comorbidities.

What We Do

The UCARE network runs joint projects and studies and hosts conferences and meetings such as the Global Urticaria Forum and the UCARE Conference. We also inform and educate of medical professionals and patients on urticaria through our websites and social media channels, our advocacy day UDAY and our education programs for physicians (UCARE LevelUp) and for patients, (UCARE 4U).

Our Mission

Our mission is for the GA²LEN UCAREs to serve as referral centers for the diagnosis and management of urticaria, and thereby complement the current efforts and pathways of healthcare communities to provide adequate care for urticaria patients. The interaction of GA²LEN UCAREs as a strong global network of urticaria specialists aims at

  • providing excellence in urticaria management
  • harmonizing and improving urticaria management globally.
  • increasing the knowledge of urticaria through research and education
  • promoting urticaria research
  • promoting the awareness of urticaria through advocacy activities
  • broadening access to modern urticaria treatment in countries where they are available
  • making concerted and systematic efforts to bring modern medicines to countries where there are none

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase the quality of life of all patients affected by urticaria by excellent medical care and research that improves our understanding of urticaria and its treatment. We also want to grow awareness of the disease, its symptoms, comorbidities, burden, its diagnostic workup and treatment options, thereby empowering both patients and physicians to take control of all aspects of urticaria.

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