Cholinergic urticaria – a comprehensive evaluation of natural history, disease features and course and response to treatment

Project lead: Sabine Altrichter; Eva Maria Grekowitz

Project advisor: Torsten Zuberbier

Steering committee: Sabine Altrichter, Torsten Zuberbier, Michihiro Hide, Chris Rutkowski, Ivan Cherrez, Sofia Cherrez, Michael Makris, Mona Al-Ahmad, Eva Grekowitz

This international, multi-center, prospective and retrospective, observational, cross-sectional academic study aims to improve the understanding of cholinergic urticaria and to assess differences in the natural history, clinical symptoms, triggers, sweating behavior, associated diseases, and treatment effects in patients with cholinergic urticaria by using a standardized patient-related questionnaire and an additional physician questionnaire (including medical history and disease specific information).

We plan to include 300 prospective patients with cholinergic urticaria.

We intend to present study results at an international congress (preferably EADV or EAACI) and publish them in peer-reviewed scientific journals. To become a coauthor, you need to include at least 10 patients and contribute to interpretation of study results and manuscript development. Additional co-authorship criteria are: for one additional authorship 20 included patients and for two additional authorships 30 included patients and more.

Background of the project:

Despite the presumably frequent occurrence of cholinergic urticaria, the pathophysiology is not well understood. Beside antihistamine treatment no other therapeutic treatments are approved or licenced in this disease entity. Several subgroups of patients had been proposed, with possible different response to treatments. To define and better understand such subclasses of cholinergic urticaria patients, large cohorts of these patients need to be investigated.

Interested in taking part?

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