COVAC-CU (Effects of COVID-19 Vaccination on Chronic Urticaria Patients)

Design of the study:
COVAC-CU is an;

** international, multicenter, observational (non-interventional),

** cross-sectional study which aims to evaluate the effects of COVID-19 vaccination,

** analyze the risk factors and prevalence of COVID-19 vaccine associated reactions in patients with chronic urticaria (CU)

Aim of the study:
** within this project we aim to:

Evaluate the effects of COVID-19 vaccination on chronic urticaria patients, to analyze the rates of vaccine associated reactions such as exacerbation of urticaria, angioedema attacks, local reactions, any other systemic reactions and to analyze risk factors associated with vaccine reactions. We aim to provide answers to three fundamental questions:

1. Are vaccine related disease exacerbations or vaccine related reactions more common in patients with CU?

2. Are vaccine related exacerbations or reactions related to a specific feature of the disease such as treatment, severity, associated atopic disease, type 1 allergy, total IgE levels, associated autoimmunity, etc…

  1. Do any of the treatments given for CU interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccine?

Project Status: Data Evaluation

Project Lead: Emek Kocatürk

Steering Committee:

Marcus Maurer (Germany)
Simon Francis Thomsen (Denmark)
Torsten Zuberbier (Germany)
Luis Felipe Ensina (Brazil)
Ted Popov (Bulgaria)
Martijn van Doorn (Netherlands)
Ana Gimenez Arnau (Spain)
Riccardo Asero (Italy)
Paulo Ricardo (Brazil)
Romi Saini (USA)
Clive Grattan (UK)
Niall Conlon (Ireland)
Ivan Cherrez (Equador)

Publication 1:

Purayil S, Thalappil S, Al-Nesf M, Kocaturk E. Chronic urticaria and COVID-19 vaccination: Qatar data (preliminary report of COVAC-CU-international). Qatar Med J. 2022 Apr 4;2022(2):2. doi: 10.5339/qmj.2022.fqac.2. PMID: 35968517; PMCID: PMC9340567.

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