Chronic spontaneous urticaria plus additional non-defining signs or symptoms

Chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) is defined by the occurrence of itchy wheals, angioedema, or both. In addition to these defining signs and symptoms, some patients with CSU experience other disease manifestations. The spectrum, prevalence and relevance of these “signs and symptoms other than itchy wheals or angioedema”, further mentioned as “additional non-defining signs or symptoms” (ANDSiSys) are largely unknown.

Aim: To characterize the spectrum, prevalence, frequency, and relevance of ANDSiSys in CSU.

To do so, we will answer the following questions:

  1. What ANDSiSys do patients with CSU experience?
  2. How many CSU patients have ANDSiSys?
  3. Does CSU with ANDSiSys have distinct demographic characteristics, e.g. age, gender?
  4. Does CSU with ANDSiSys have a distinct clinical phenotype? (predominant symptoms, disease duration, trigger factors, concomitant disorders, response to treatment)
  5. Does CSU with ANDSiSys have specific laboratory characteristics?
  6. Do ANDSiSys affect CSU patients’ quality of life?
  7. Can ANDSiSys predict the response to treatment in CSU patients?

Project Lead: Polina Pyatilova, Frank Siebenhaar

Project Coordination: Pavel Kolkhir

Project Advisor: Luis Felipe Ensina

Steering Committee: Laurence Bouillet, Niall Conlon, Iman Nasr, Emek Kocatürk, Kanokvalai Kulthanan, Sarbjit Singh Saini

Status: Global Rollout

Project documents and instructions can be found in the UCARE member area.

To find out more about this project and how to participate, please reach out to Polina Pyatilova (

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