Sleep disorders in patients with chronic spontaneous/inducible urticaria

Aim: Assess the frequency of sleep disorders in patients with spontaneous and inducible chronic urticaria through the Global Sleep Assessment Questionnaire (GSAQ).

Project lead: Ivan Chérrez Ojeda, Marcus Maurer, Thomas Roth


Project advisor: Torsten Zuberbier

Steering committee: Ivan Cherrez-Ojeda, Marcus Maurer, Thomas Roth, Leonie Shirin Herzog, Kanokvalai Kulthanan, Daria Fomina, Petra Staubach-Renz, Caroline Marie Thérèse Mann

Status: Global Rollout

Number of participating centers: 50 (aim)

Number of patients included: 400 (aim)

This project is still actively recruiting participants for this study. The deadline was extended to  June 30th, 2024. Your participation is essential to the success of this project, and we appreciate your ongoing commitment.

You can find all project documents in the UCARE member area.

  • Project announcement
  • IRB Approval
  • Protocol file
  • Instructions for surveys
  • Surveys in: English, Spanish, Portugese, Turkish, Macedonian, Russian, Polish, Persian

If you do not yet have access to the UCARE member area, please reach out to Emilia Zimmermann (

To learn more about this project, please get in touch with: Ivan Cherrez ( or Karla Robles (



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