Effects of Preprandial, Postprandial and post-exercise periods on the threshold values of CIndUs.

Acronym: The threshold differences according to exercise or food intake of the CIndUs

Objective: Demonstration of the differences in threshold values of following exercise and food intake and explore the possible reasons and correlations of the changes according to food intake and exercise. Background: The types of Chronic Inducible Urticaria (CIndU) (Symptomatic dermographism, Heat, Cold urticaria, etc.) have not yet been clearly explained in terms of triggers and threshold values during the different situations.

Project Lead: Ragıp Ertaş
Project Advisor: Marcus Maurer
Steering Committee: Murat Türk, Melba Munoz, Sule Ketenci Ertaş, Ragıp Ertaş, Marcus Maurer

Research assisstant: Dr. Muhammed Burak Yücel

The first part of the current project is showing that symptomatic dermographism decreases with exercise and increases with food intake in a large SD patients group. The first part of this project is finished and ready for publication.

The second part of this project is planning for showing the threshold values of cold and heat urticarias changes with exercise and with food intake in a large patient population.


If you are you interested in participating in the study, please send an email to drmburakyucel@gmail.com or ragipertas@yahoo.com for additional information.

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