Prevalence and Characteristics of Dermographism in General Population


Project Aim: know the prevalence of dermographism in a large and representative sample of general population

Project lead: Kanokvalai Kulthanan, Chuda Rujitharanawong


Project advisor: Marcus Maurer

Steering committee: Marcus Maurer, Ana Giménez-Arnau, Melba Munow Roldan, Jonathan Berstein, Paulo Ricardo Criado, Mona Al-Ahmad, Lu Rongbiao, Hae Sim Park, Kiran Godse

Status: Global Rollout

How to participate:

This international, multi-center, internet-based survey cross-sectional study aims to explore the prevalence of dermographism in a large and representative sample of general population by internet-based survey



UCARE centers from different countries are able to join this project.

  1. Expected patient number per center: at least 3,000 cases
  2. This study survey and collect data on adult (age ≥ 18 years) by using a google-form questionnaire.
  3. Please send your team’s email to receive the google form of English version questionnaire.
  4. The google form of English version questionnaire for each center will be sent to the joining UCARE center via email.
  5. The questionnaire will be translated to local language and edited to be appropriate to use within the link by yourself. You can add your colleagues as collaborators to edit as well.
  6. The translated google questionnaire will be distributed to general population by social media i.e., facebook, instagram, twitter, line application etc. (Guidance for distribution will be provided)
  7. The questionnaire will be completed by volunteers by themselves.
  8. Each local google form questionnaire will be transformed the data into excel file.
  9. Finally, the excel file will be sent back to the leading team (Bangkok) for further analysis.EthicsThe category for IRB review process depends on your institutional review board committee (no requirement or exemption review). If your local IRB requires an approval; we provide the standard English IRB package including background, objective, sample size calculation, and process of study.AuthorshipThe survey results will be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The principal investigator or investigator of the lead study center will be the first author and corresponding author. To become a coauthor, you need to include at least 3,000 responses, and 1 additional coauthor for more than 5,000 responses. The sequence of coauthors will be based on the number of patients included, or in case of similar number alphabetically. Would you like to participate? Please follow these steps:
  • Please get in contact with the project team, send your emails to Prof. Kanokvalai Kulthanan at
  • Then you will receive information of original project application, English version questionnaire, Google form link of English version questionnaire, standard English IRB package, the instruction of how to translate English google form to your local language, and the guidance of distribution of questionnaire to general population.

 Package of Prevalence-D project

Word files

1_Application for UCARE project_ Prevalence-D

2_IRB English version Prevalence-D

3_IRB Approval Example_ Prevalence-D

4_Latest version Prevalence-D questionnaire

5_Guidance Prev-D Q Distribution

6_Example Introduction paragraph for sending together with the link


Power point files

1_Prevalence-D Project Overview

2. Word file of the link to download the power point file “How to translate on line the English google questionnaire to your local language” (the file is large due to the videos for demonstration in the file)

3_How to duplicate google form for distribution


Please do not hesitate to contact us at kanokvalai.kul(at) in case of any questions. We are looking forward to your participation and a fruitful collaboration




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