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Dear all,

 coming Thursday, the Journal Club will be held by Zhouran Li (IFA) about “GRK2 differentially regulates FceRI and MRGPRB2-mediated responses in mast cells” – Thapaliya et al., 2023, Front Immu

 Click here for the article.


Why should I present a paper at the UCARE journal club?

You are fascinated by mast cells and your daily work is related to mast cells or mast cell-driven diseases? You have read an interesting paper and want to discuss the findings with other researchers in the field? You want to improve your presentation skills or you just want to network and get in touch with other groups because you have read about their work and want to share ideas or start a collaboration?


If you can answer just one of the above questions with YES you should contact our Journal Club Team.


How to become a Journal Club presenter?

Simply write an email including the presenter’s name, the name of their organization, their email address and suggested topic/ paper they would like to Niklas Mahnke. The current rotation list can be views here.


Which papers are of potential interest?

Best suited to be presented at the JC are high impact papers (not reviews) that that have been recently published (ideally not older than 12 months). The topics include, of course, Urticaria and Angioedema but also other mast cell-associated diseases and basic research on mast cell biology and their interaction with other cells.


We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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