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Join us on Thursday, February 8 from 12.00 to 12.45 pm CET, for the UCARE LevelUP Journal Club!

This GALEN UCARE LevelUP Journal Club will be held by Paloma Torres Bosó/Ana M. Giménez‐Arnau (Barcelona) about “Remibrutinib inhibits hives effector cells stimulated by serum from chronic urticaria patients independently of FcεR1 expression level and omalizumab clinical response” – Gimeno et al, 2023, Clin Transl Allergy

 Click HERE to join the meeting.

If you are an ACARE or UCARE physician and would like to present a paper, get in touch with Julia Föll or Niklas Mahnke. 

Please find the rotation list below, there are still many open slots!