DruSO-CU: Determinants of omalizumab drug survival in a long-term daily practice multicentre cohort of patients with Chronic Urticaria

This international, multi-center, retrospective cohort study aims to investigate effectiveness and safety of omalizumab in a large multicenter cohort of patients with CU by using drug survival analysis. Furthermore, this study aims to identify the determinants of drug survival.

Study type: multi-center daily practice cohort study

We intend to present the study results at international congresses (preferably EADV and/or EAACI) and to publish them in high impact peer-reviewed scientific journals. To become a coauthor, you need to participate in the project and contribute to sufficient patient recruitment (both quantity and quality), the interpretation of the study results and manuscript development. Participation is feasible for centers with CU patient populations treated with omalizumab of n > 100 and the guarantee that data can be provided for all patients, to avoid selection bias.

Project lead: Heike Röckmann (H.Rockmann@umcutrecht.nl)

Project Advisor: Ana Giménez Arnau

Steering Committee: Heike Rockmann, Martijn B.A. van Doorn, Ana Gimenez, Juul M. P. A. van den Reek, Karsten Weller, André C. Knulst

Deadline: finish patient inclusion; July 22nd, 2022 anticipated

Are you interested in participating in the study? Please visit send an email to h.rockmann@umcutrecht.nl for additional information.

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